Ever wanted to be an Entrepreneur?

At the Futurepreneur’s Launchpad, students got to experience what entrepreneurship is about from over thirty young, experienced entrepreneurs!

The speeches from these mentors were inspiring, thought provoking, and motivational. Our students were able to explore their preferred futures and were set alight with the contagious bug of entrepreneurship and design. They are now fully equipped with the knowledge to undertake a semester of Concept and Create (one of their Central Studies), where they will be able to make their own ideas come to reality.

Our mentors enjoyed the experience as well!

‘I always struggled with school, I failed to understand the real world application of the concepts we were taught. Today I was fortunate enough to mentor year 10 & 11 students on entrepreneurship and Startups. It was fantastic to see the kids learning real world skills like customer management, goal setting and pitching whilst grasping the concepts of business that will drive our future economy. Congratulations to Sasha Dragovelic and the team at The ASMS for arranging this fantastic initiative.’
– Michael Macolino

‘I have mentored a number of high schools, but this was the best group, highly motivated, asked good questions. Many showed an interest in utilising their technical skills as an entrepreneur.’
– Stuart Snyder

‘Wonderful atmosphere at Futurepreneurs Launchpad. Great energy. I feel privileged to meet such creative, talented and motivated students.
– Kinda Snyder

‘It was an amazing experience and worth all the hard work. Rhys and I sure had a great time mentoring the students!’
– Sarah Hammond

‘Fantastic event as always, Sasha. Keep inspiring the next generation of leaders.’
– Hugh Brown

Loved speaking at the ASMS #FuturepreneursASMS today in #Adelaide about customer validation for #startups!’
– Helen Ahrens