Semester Two has started! Truth and Perception; Earth and Cosmos; Student Inquiry Project have each kicked off with some exciting immersion activities for our year 10 and 11 students. Year 12’s meanwhile are well into their studies as they commence their final semester of secondary school! Learning Studies will focus on career pathway planning with a range of guest speakers, the chance to participate in Flinders University Open Day and some individual research.

Knowing what inspires you and exploring ways to follow your passion is the best way to plan for your future. It’s a joy to learn when you are interested and feel challenged and stretched to learn more, following a career pathway is then about you growing as a person and learning is life-long. Professor Yong Zhao, during his visit to the ASMS recently, spoke with students about finding and following their passion and about being entrepreneurial in life. He was referring to not only being enterprising in an economic sense but also looking for and taking up opportunities to create change and significantly influence society and life on our planet. Students’ prototypes for the recent 3Ds Expo provided a clear indication of their creative thinking in addressing a range of problems and their entrepreneurial skills in designing innovative solutions.

In reflecting on achievements and growth for Semester One reports, students review their learning goals and reconsider what to focus on in Semester Two. Their comments are indicative of the thought they are giving to how they are developing as self-directed learners who are able to identify key strategies for improvement in striving to do their very best. A great basis for career pathway discussions!

I wish you all a relaxing term break ready for another extraordinary term of learning at the ASMS.