The excitement at ASMS is growing as we get ready for our 15th International Science Fair (ISF) commencing Tuesday 4 Sept. Forty six students and sixteen teachers from eight international schools, two interstate schools and two South Australian schools are joining us for our special week in 2018.

The ISF 2018 theme is ‘Save the World’. Not a small challenge I think you would agree! However staff and students from across the globe will be taking on the challenge during this exciting and fun week of exploration and collaboration.

I hope students will find the program extends their thinking, allowing them to use their knowledge in interesting ways and encourages them to think about the wicked problems of our world in critical and creative ways. In particular, through working in teams students will address the challenges and provide the chance to work with others from different nations thus promoting the intercultural understandings needed in our contemporary world. The various cultural events may also help develop friendships between our students which I hope may be the basis for future cooperation. Being a part of this special event provides our students with the opportunity to strengthen their intercultural understanding, learning about the beliefs, customs and perspectives of others and reflecting on the effect on their own attitudes and practices. Our young people live in an increasingly globally connected society, it is our hope that ISF 2018 helps our students to recognise the benefits and challenges of living and working in a culturally diverse society.

Check out the program and challenge based learning activities here and you will see what lies ahead for our participants in the Australian Science and Mathematics School’s 15th International Science Fair.

I am grateful to the ASMS staff who have committed their time to design and organise the challenges and field trips for the ISF participants. In particular I commend the leadership of Deputy Principal Glenys Thompson and International Coordinator Julie Cassidy.