As we commence our third term in 2018 ASMS year 11 students are shaping their SACE Sage 2 Research Project (RP) and our year 10s their SACE Stage 1 Inquiry Project (SIP). This is an exciting time as they decide on their inquiry focus with feedback from a range of teachers and support in carefully wording their inquiry question. Their question will guide them in designing their research methods and identifying key resources they will need to access. RP/SIP provides ASMS students with the opportunity to go deep into an area of their interest, to follow their passion and work independently as they shape their learning journey. Along the way they explore a range of ethical issues as they plan their research focus and questions. The complex issues many students research require that they take account of ethical considerations such as human rights and responsibilities, animal rights, environmental issues and global justice. They build ethical understanding which will assist them to engage with the more complex issues that they are likely to encounter in the future, and to navigate a world of competing values, rights, interests and norms. SIP/RP enables students to learn to develop ethical understanding as they explore ethical issues and interactions with others and hear about and discuss ideas from a range of perspectives. Exciting learning times ahead!!

Our year 12’s are in the process of making decisions about next year/their next steps. During Learning Studies they will have many opportunities to hear from a range of people about a diversity of options. ASMS organises speakers from universities, time for our students to visit and talk with those with experience in many different fields and to do some of their own research as they get ready. Exciting times ahead for our year 12 students as well!

I look forward to hearing much more about our students’ plans for their future, hearing about how they tackle the challenges of planning and undertaking a semester long inquiry project and to seeing their final product.