As we approach the end of Semester 1 please note the following information.

Semester 1 ends on Friday 22 June and Semester 2 commences on Monday 25 June. This is in line with the SACE Board dates for semesters which we are required to adhere to.

For year 12 students, this will have little if any impact on their studies, as they are completing full year courses.

For year 10 and 11 students, this has significant impact. The last day for our current Central Studies is Friday 22 June and no extensions for submission of work can be granted apart from exceptional circumstances. It is very important that your child negotiate any extensions well in advance of Friday 22 June if the circumstances are exceptional and as such an extension is required.

In Semester 2 three new Central Studies will commence on 25 June. These are Earth and Cosmos, Truth and Perception and Student Investigation Project/Research Project. More information about each one of these is included in this edition of info@asms.

In semester 2, class composition will change and your child will get the opportunity to meet and learn with some different students. We’re sure you agree that it is very important that your child learn skills for working with a range of others and this is a great opportunity for them to develop and practice these skills. While they may be anxious about change, we ask that you support them to persevere with the allocation for at least two weeks before requesting any changes.