It’s hard to believe that it is already the end of term 3. In this most unusual of years where the passing of time has seemed painfully slow in some ways (remember when we could travel outside the state and not have to quarantine? It seems so quaint now!), three quarters of our school year is now complete. Our Year 12 students have finalised nearly all of their school-assessed learning, and our Central Studies students have completed their Student Investigation Folios and are well immersed in their deep dives into Earth and Cosmos and Truth and Perception. Staff have regularly commented on the excellent quality of the learning that they are observing and how resilient our students have been this year as they focus on their learning and excel in their areas of passion. The grit and determination that our students have shown has been remarkable, and we know that is a consequence of the support and care that families are providing to their children as we all scrambled to develop a ‘new normal’ for 2020. Winston Churchill’s statement ‘Never waste a good crisis’ has provided all of us with the opportunity to do things differently and I’m sure that there are many aspects of our ‘new normal’ that will form part of how you as families and we as a school go forward.

One of our societal ‘new normals’ is increasing use of social media across the population, with reports that one in three minutes online spent on social media (Digital 2020 Australia). Just recently there have been media reports of disturbing online activity that has led to harm, and it is perhaps timely to revisit cyber safety with your child.  This is addressed at school through our Child Safe Curriculum, but the reality is that most unsafe activity isn’t happening during school times and it’s important that your child is well aware of how best to manage risk in the online environment and knows that you are there to support them if they do experience issues. The eSafety Commissioner’s website has a wealth of information for parents to help you in having conversations with your child and setting boundaries around the use of social media. If at any stage you would like support to have these conversations, please contact your child’s Learning Studies teacher and we will happily meet with you to help you with these conversations.