Dear admirable friend,

You will rejoice to hear that you are cordially invited to a festival of wonder, creation and spectacular interdisciplinary learning…

Please join us for the FrankenFest – an opportunity for you to experience how our students have uniquely stitched each discipline-thread (English, Maths, Science and History) of their learning together. Come along to find out what Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, engineering, mathematical modelling and World War II have in common…

FrankenFest will surely be an extraordinary showcase of what our students have learnt in our new Central Study course, Engineering a Monster, this semester.

Where: The Australian Science and Mathematics School
Carpark 18 Flinders University, Sturt Road
Bedford Park 5042

When: Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 11:30AM-12:20PM.

Register here to attend