On Saturday, 6 April, the ASMS participated in an Esports team competition at the Arena internet Cafe. This was a trial to see if Esports can become a part of our interschool sports programme.

We had four teams represent the ASMS; Ed’s Angels, Cloud 23, Reskinned TF2 and Hexa Esports. These teams played the game Overwatched and represented our school positively and showed great sportsmanship. Ed’s Angels made the final against CBC Royals after a winning streak in the minor rounds.

A huge thankyou to Tanya, a teacher form CBC, for the organisation of this event and the people at Arena cafe for hosting.

“It was a really cool and interesting experience. I enjoyed being able to justify having a break from normal schoolwork and competing with people from other schools. My team really enjoyed being able to pull together and play well and we are really happy with second place. I would really like to play again next term if they run another competition as I honestly feel my team and I could win next time if we had more practice.”
– James, Year 12

“It was a fun opportunity to competitively work as a team.”
– Leo, Year 11

“The eSports tournament was fantastic. The staff at the venue were really helpful, not to mention the great sportsmanship of the players.
I’m very happy that I competed in this tournament, I never thought I would experience one. If this is held again, I would love to see more games in the roster.”
– David, Year 11

Minor round stats;