Learning Enhancement Opportunities

The ASMS provides a range of opportunities for students to develop and use their leadership skills and to contribute to the school and broader community.

Opportunities provided include Competitions (eg the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) in Mathematics, Science, English and Computer Skills) Awards including the Creativity in Science and Technology (CREST) awards and the Oliphant Science Awards, Forums, Camps, Science Investigations mentored by Flinders University and Keynote Lectures presented by nationally and internationally recognised research scientist.

ASMS Student Development Program

Framework allows for significant learner agency as they determine their pathway for development with opportunities that meet their interests, passions and identified goals, and include the following.

Ambassador opportunities:

  • International Ambassadors
  • Student Ambassadors (TBA)

Learning Leadership opportunities :

  • ASMS Leadership Development Program
  • National Leadership Camp
  • Colour Leaders for Group based activities
  • Stage 2 Formal committee
  • Participating in ‘Hang With Jayne’ sessions
School Promotion opportunities:
  • Open Nights
  • Observation Days
  • Tour guide for visiting groups

Promoting Learning opportunities:

  • Being an active participant of STEMtacular
  • Leading part of a school program (eg Adventure Space, Debating, Colour leadership, leadership of Passion Clubs)
  • Working with other schools (eg Plastic Oceans, Dream Big)
  • Organising activities that promote wellbeing for learning within the ASMS (eg One for a Onesie, World’s Greatest Shave, Vinnie’s Appeal etc)

Out of the Building Learning opportunities:

  • Work experience
  • Achievements from outside school
  • Cadets
  • Volunteering

Service Club

The ASMS Service Club gives students at the ASMS the chance to serve the wider community, both locally and globally, through raising money and awareness, and taking action where possible. A group of students meet regularly to plan and facilitate Service Club activities.

Some of the regular events over the last few years include Bandanna Day, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Cake Competition, a Mother’s Day Stall and the 40 hr famine. The ASMS also supports a sponsor child in Zimbabwe, Lubelihle Sibanda, through World Vision, thanks to the generous donations of students and teachers. Service Club members and other students and staff have also organized creative fundraisers such as the Annual Chocolate Eating Fiesta and Wearing a Onsie for a One$ie to raise money for Hutt Street Centre and Trees for Life.

Whenever the Service Club has organized an event, teachers and students have been quite generous with both money and time, resulting in the raising of thousands of dollars every year to help others in the wider community. It is fantastic to see so many people in the ASMS community who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. This passion for helping others also helps to build a sense of community within the school as students and staff work together to support good causes.

Sporting Activities

In 2011, the ASMS was named as the winner of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation “Howard Mutton Memorial Trophy” for Excellence in South Australian Secondary Schools Quality Health and Physical Education programs. One of the components in the acknowledgement of the ASMS as the winner of the Howard Mutton Memorial Trophy is the unique nature of ASMS health and physical education programs. These programs include the Central Study “Body in Question”, Stage 2 “Human Performance”, the Learning Studies program, Service Club, After School Sport and Lunchtime Sport Competition.

The ASMS has a regular presence in the Southern State Schools Zone Sports Competitions with a variety of sports on offer, such as indoor soccer, basketball and netball. Likewise, the ASMS can participate in the Secondary Schools Association sports competitions.

The ASMS also has an organised Lunchtime Sport Competition which in 2012 celebrated 1000 matches. Lunchtime sport is about participation rather than competition with the catchphrase being “Celebrating Mediocrity”. Sports on offer this year include volleyball, soccer, international handball, AFL, ultimate frisbee, soccer and quidditch.

Perhaps the highlight of the sporting calendar is Activities Day. During Term 1 the ASMS dons costumes and warpaint for the day in a bid for eternal glory. The ASMS Activities Day is a day that celebrates the diversity of the ASMS population and celebrates the act of participation rather than heaping praise upon the elite. The Day, held on the Main Flinders University Oval, runs from 8.40am until 3.20pm. Students have the opportunity to participate in sack races, three-legged races, tug of war, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Pentanque, Lacrosse and track and field events. Students are expected to attend. Lunch is catered at no charge. Spectators are welcome.

Lunchtime Activities

Lunchtime at ASMS is not simply a break from learning for students to eat their lunch. It is also a part of the day where students can engage in a wide range of activities. They help engage and connect students with each other and build a sense of community and wellbeing in the school environment. Regular activities include table tennis, chess and games such as UNO being available for student use. These activities cater to a wide variety of student interests, minimise any risk of boredom or isolation, as well as keep bodies or brains active. Competitions are also held in each of these activities to further engage students. The activities are always popular with students and proactively promote a positive, inclusive and safe learning environment, which is an important part of the ASMS community.