University Engineering Design Challenge Winner at ASMS!

David Olijnyk, an ASMS Year 12 student has had an extraordinary experience during his University Extension Studies (UES). For his first Semester at Flinders University he studied Engineering Design and achieved a High Distinction.

But wait, there’s more!
David and his group earned 1st place for the Engineering Design Challenge 2020.

Their winning project?
A monitor mounted webcam and workspace light dubbed “The LightRay”, based on manta ray biomimicry.

His learning journey included a focus on industry standards, hand drawing skills and Computer-Aided Design with Autodesk Inventor. David was able to actively support his fellow students at University during their design workshops because of his previous experience at ASMS using Inventor for his own projects in the Ideation Studio. David was also able to solidify his knowledge and further his own understanding.

The Engineering Design Challenge 2020 required a deep dive into planning including feasibility studies, design and performance specifications, creativity, decision theory, construction, testing and evaluation, operation, maintenance and sustainability of engineering systems and the optimum use of resources. Further consideration was given to social, economic, political, international and environmental issues related to the engineering project.

David participated in also creating a 20-page engineering report. In groups, students were to identify a problem and document the engineering design process of a solution. David’s group decided to explore workspace lighting, focusing on a solution for videoconferencing. David was inspired to solve this problem given that his only form of face-to-face communication at the time was through videoconferencing. Collaboratively, the team contributed to the report, concept design, feasibility analysis, final design, and structural finite element analysis. David says that he thoroughly enjoyed Engineering Design, and is very grateful to have been part of the Extension Studies program this year at the ASMS.