In recent weeks, our year 10 and 11 cohorts have experienced some exciting and distinctly different opportunities in Engineering a Monster:

• Yes, we had an astronaut in the building! EaM was privileged to host Dr Charles Camarda, one of the astronauts that flew on NASA’s resumption of human space flight mission, after the Colombia disaster in 2003. Dr Camarda also worked as an engineer on investigating and rectifying the problems that led to that same disaster. At the ASMS Dr Camarda ran a full workshop session, challenging our students to design a unique solution to holes/tears in space-shuttle wings. Charlie even discussed his approach to teaching and learning engineering with our teachers, personally!

• The Maths thread team have put a tremendous amount of thought into designing the geometry and trigonometry learning around genuine engineering contexts. Students were able to showcase their maths knowledge and understanding by deriving solutions to real-life engineering application problems in their first SAT of the semester. They could choose to apply their skills in Aviation, Electrical, Software, BioMedical, Chemical or Architectural Engineering math challenges!

• Students have also been busy forming working-groups and exercising their agency to choose an engineering project of their own. We have officially launched our Design Cycle journey together and are using collaborative inquiry skills to exercise our creative responsibility!

• In order to support these group projects, some students chose to attend excursions to SMEC Engineering in the city, RedArc Electronics in Lonsdale, or Flinders Engineering in Tonsley. Some also attended a talk delivered by Rocketry SA to learn more about rocket design and engineering. Making connections outside of the school can be powerful and inspirational for our young people.

Please ask your child about their experiences in Engineering a Monster lately and all of the interesting things they are doing in their classes!