Semester 2 has kicked off with a bang! This brand new Central Study has immersed students into a sequence of learning titled FrankEn-gineering. Over weeks 9 and 10, students are spending half of their class time taking a deep dive into Mary Shelley’s gothic fiction novel; Frankenstein, with close readings and lively class discussions. The other half of their class time is spent exploring the fields of Aerospace, Mechanical, Software, BioMedical, GeoSpatial, Civil, Chemical and Genetic Engineering. Students are learning what these fields of engineering entail and are participating in the following hands-on activities, to help them discover where their passions lie:

  • making an aerodynamic paper plane
  • building an earthquake-proof tower
  • making a functional prosthetic leg
  • calculating the footprint-area of the ASMS building
  • making edible spheres
  • building a swift puff car
  • designing an algorithm for an autonomous car
  • design a genetically unique organism

Please ask your child about their experiences in Engineering a Monster and all of the interesting things they are doing in their class!