In Term 3, our Year 10 and 11 cohorts are being immersed in three different learning threads across each week, all tied together with an ethical lens.

  • The English thread will see students comparing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to a short story (either Miss Brill or The Last Question) in an intertextual analysis.
  • The Maths thread has students practicing their application skills in geometry and trigonometry, within engineering contexts. Victor Frankenstein himself would be jealous to apply such learning to his creation!
  • The Engineering thread will allow students the opportunity to choose a project within the fields of Aerospace, Mechanical/Electrical, Software/Computer, BioMedical/Genetic, or Civil/Architectural Engineering. Agency is at the fore, as project choices are endless, and we will all be on the Design Cycle journey together using collaborative inquiry skills. May our student’s projects be filled with creative responsibility!

Please ask your child about their experiences in Engineering a Monster and all about the interesting things they are doing in their class!