The Year 10/11 cohort has been working hard in recent weeks not to Engineer a Monster:

  • Students have had full agency to form groups and choose to make virtually any type of responsible product, from any engineering field that they enjoy.
  • We have seen students collaborate to create a wide variety of items including a prosthetic canine leg, a magnetic field propulsion system, chemical fire-retardant spray, home insulation, an ultrasonic sensor for blind people, minigame software programs, a self-watering plant system and a biodegradable pizza-box liner. That list barely scratches the surface of cool things being made around here!
  • Creative engineering projects have been designed and tested scientifically, have had mathematical models applied, and the results will be evaluated in a journal to produce an authentic connection between science, maths and english communication disciplines.
  • Students will soon showcase their EaM learning journey in Term 4, so stay tuned for details to come!

Please ask your child about their project experiences in Engineering a Monster lately and all of the interesting things they are doing in their class!

Engineering a Monster - creative engineering workshops