It seems a cliché to say that it only seems like yesterday that we were starting term 4 and now it is drawing to a close. Within Earth and Cosmos we changed gear in term 4 and asked students to create their own individual learning plan to complete both the formative learning and assessment tasks in Earth and Cosmos. Throughout this term students have had the option of attending teacher led workshops or relying on internet based resources to support their learning. As teachers we have observed how students have been able to demonstrate their abilities as proactive and self-directed learners whilst providing more individualised support on a ‘as needed’ basis. As I write this many students have plunged ahead and completed the required learning ahead of schedule whilst the rest are currently completing their last task. Interestingly despite having completely free choice, most students seemed to have completed the History task first, moved onto the English text production, then the Mathematics task and left the Science Practical, based on Newton’s Laws of Motion, to complete their write up of their experimental results last. Any feedback from parents about how students reacted to this individualised approach is most welcome and can be sent to Lisa.

I wish all families a relaxing break over the festive season.

Lisa Pope – Leader Interdisciplinary Learning Design