Our cosmic adventure continues and takes a self-directed turn in Term 4. Students have been presented with a contract document that outlines the learning and assessment items they need to complete this term. They have nominated due dates for their tasks themselves, everything needing to be completed by the middle of week 6. Obviously this means spreading the workload and teachers have worked with students to advise on a workable plan for the completion of tasks.

There are 4 tasks that students will need to complete:

  1. A history task examining the interplay between a nation’s involvement with the Space Race and nationalism within that country. Their learning will be assessed in the form of a group presentation.
  2. An English text production task where students have a number of choices, they can write a Scientific Magazine Article, a Persuasive Argument recommending a course of action or they can produce a short screenplay.
  3. Learn how change is represented mathematically and demonstrate their learning either via a folio task or via test.
  4. Gain familiarity and confidence in using Newton’s Laws of Motion; students demonstrating their learning by designing a practical that will allow them to take measurements and allow the use of Newton’s Laws and their mathematical learning surrounding rates of change.
    This represents a significant amount of choice for students and we are asking them to demonstrate the skills that they have developed as pro-active learners over the year. Student progress will be monitored by teachers and if we feel that there is a lack of progress remedial measures will be taken to get the student ‘back on track’ . Students are not expected to learn in isolation and have the opportunity to attend a number of teacher led targeted workshops depending on the option chosen by the student. When workshops are not being run students can access guidance and help from subject specialists on a needs basis.