We have certainly hit the ground running in Dream, Design, Develop (3DS). This Central Study is based on the 2016 Central Study Concept and Create, and continues the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Students have already investigated technical drawing, 3D modelling and 3D printing, with laser cutting and programming coming in the next few weeks. This work will be collated in a Folio that is due for submission at the end of week 3 (16 February).

Alongside this students have been developing an understanding of the role of inspiration, the need to find a problem that should be solved, in the lives of innovators. We will soon start looking at the effect that society has had on innovations, i.e. how problems have arisen, as well as the impact of innovation on society. For example, leaded fuel solved several issues with engine efficiency, but has had significant impacts on the environment and health.

We are asking students to be aware of the everyday problems that they face, from the complex to the mundane, as will soon start working collaboratively to design a solution to these problems.