While we are rapidly approaching the holidays Dream, Design, Develop (3DS) shows no signs of slowing!

We have already decided on issues and problems to explore and address through innovation, with some very interesting (and possibly lucrative) ideas floating about. We were lucky enough to have some guest ‘problem providers’ from Flinders Uni, Adelaide Uni, UniSA, Adelaide City Council, Dept Environment and Water, and ASMS to seed some ideas in the students. It has been amazing to see students tackle some significant and meaningful issues.

Alongside this students have been exploring advertising, specifically the psychological basis of persuasion in advertising and analysing advertisements. We have explored gender issues in particular and students have noticed that things have come a long way in the last 40 years.

We have prototyped many of the solutions, with a focus next term on turning the prototypes into products ready for the innovations expo, which will be open to visitors and guests. This has a focus on the Critical and Creative Thinking Capability, and all students will be keeping a ‘scrapbook’ of evidence as they develop their product.