The Central Studies of the ASMS are getting ready to roll out, with a week of amazing immersion activities organised. The immersion week is about getting to know the school and community, as well as being introduced to the big ideas in each Central Study.

Technological World, with a focus on the drivers of innovation, is asking students to design a catapult, test the tensile strength and elasticity of cotton, nylon, Kevlar and steel, as well as investigate the impact of common innovations on our lives.

Body in Question, which focuses on how we influence human health, has a number of excursions and guests, with student experiences coming from exploring the ethics of body donation at the Flinders Medical Centre Anatomy Museum, testing a range of activities at the Flinders Uni gym, exploring the overlap between science and art by drawing the human body with artists from Flinders Uni and investigating reaction times and touch receptors.

It’s looking to be a packed week!