Languages are very important in our daily lives. In Australia, the students who learn a second language are considered part of a minority. Some people do not see is that languages have many benefits. Some of the benefits include social benefits, cognitive benefits, academic benefits and personal benefits.

On the 26 November 2013, four students from the Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS) were invited to Elder Hall in Adelaide University. They were invited by the School of Languages to present them with a certificate of acknowledgement for the work and the effort they have put into their individual language of choice in addition to the high quality work they complete at ASMS.

Studying a language is harder than what most people believe but it does come with many benefits. To study and master a language, time is a factor but there are more factors such as persistence, focus, determination and discipline.

The students who achieved awards are:

  • Ganganpreet Walia who received an Award of Merit in Hindi
  • Mia Malagar who received in an Award of Merit in French
  • Mischa Batelaan who received an Award of Merit in French
  • Oliwia Derda who received an award for Outstanding Academic Achievement for Polish

We are very proud of our students as they have done outstanding work for each of their individual language. Studying an additional language is very beneficial even when looking for a job overseas. What is fascinating is that they are students of the ASMS which offers a self-directed curriculum where they achieve good grades and have managed to receive awards for their work on an additional language. These students serve as a role model for the amount of work and their quality of work for the rest of the school. They have stepped up to the challenges that have been placed in front of them and they have been able to jump over all these hurdles. Good job STUDENTS!