The ASMS debating team is off to solid start this year, being solely organised by students exercising their ‘Learner Agency’. Two of the school’s prominent debaters, year 11 students Vasil and Anastasia, have continued to lead the group throughout the year with their exemplary organisational skills. Together, they have run weekly meetings and organised informative sessions and challenges. With the disruptions to onsite learning, they then began preparations to offer inter-school debating challenges online.

In Term 3, we will commence our annual inter-colour debating competition. This year, the event will be intertwined with one of the Year 11 Health assessments. Vasil and Anastasia have been helping to build this new approach from the ground up. We hope that having student voice involved in the program design will allow for first time debaters to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience, as well as coming to understand that debating is a valuable life skill as well as a thrilling activity.