The SA Government has teamed up aspiring digital entrepreneurs with those who have lived experiences from the community, industry and academia, to Discuss, Design and Deliver (D3) innovative customer led digital solutions to prevent (or stop) Violence against Women. The challenge was presented in a form of a competition with the top 3 innovative digital solutions winning $15,000 to further development of their ideas.

A team of Y10 and Y11 ASMS students, led by Maja Williams and Feresh Pizzaro have entered the competition as the only representatives of the education sector, in particular, senior highschool. Over a 5 full-day programme organised by the SA Government, the students (and other teams) were exposed to a plethora of workshops. Some of those were story-telling workshops with witness and police recounts, others were guided by experts in brainstorming, presentation coaching, design process, legal rights of the victims as well as solution developeres and many more.

In a culmination event, the pitch night, 11 groups of business people, entrepreneurs, psychologists, social workers, marketing managers, programmers, developers, game designers, lawyers, project managers and ASMS students have presented their 5 minute-pitch followed by a panel question time. The ASMS students were the only students, the only teenagers and the only people with no experience in running a businesses.

The students called themselves ASMS Innovators and their digital solution “Choose your own adventure”. The proposed solution is in a form of an app geared towards helping young people understand the consequences of different behavioural decisions.

The panel saw the passion behind the ASMS Innovators. They saw the logic of teenagers developing an educational app served to the teenagers. They saw that ASMS students understand their strengths but even more their weaknesses and are willing to ask for help as and when needed. They awarded $15,000 to this beautiful group of people to develop a prototype to be presented on the 26th January.

We would like to congratulate to the ASMS Innovators team: Jalia Vitard-Herring, Tiff Szabo, Natalie Nankivell, Annie Ahmer, Sinead Macdonald, Lohana Rodato, Isabella Scalzi, Daeeun Won, Grace Hinchey and Coco Ponury .

Some of the feedback after everyone presented and after the award were: “…. during your presentation I just felt like going back home to my 15-year old son and telling him to get off the couch and some of the amazing things like your students do…” , “…your students looked like a real team on the stage – you could tell they respected each other!…”, “…it was nice that teachers stood on the side – it was obvious you left it to the students to develop and present their idea…”, “…you should be so proud of how you teach your students respect and empathy…”, “… when can I sign up my 8-years old daughter to your school…” and many more. But most of them were about how awesome the team was!!!

They were brilliant, compassionate, professional, collaborative, respectful, insightful, beautiful!