Could you figure this problem out?

Beth and Max (both in year 11) are working on a pulley system to deliver water to the top of a raised platform in a smooth stable fashion, with the least amount of force possible. This experiment is part of a class called “Choose Your Own STEM Adventure” at the ASMS.

Students are testing a variety of Physics investigations to see if they are worthy of being a part of our curriculum for next year. In this session, students get to learn about the mechanics of momentum, impulse, Newton’s 3 laws of motion and concepts associated with gravity, while suggesting to teachers any improvements that can be made to the experiments. Kyle says, “it’s interesting for me to tackle engineering problems that haven’t been solved thus far.” Beth commented, “I think it’s very good that teachers are letting us students have the input on what we will be doing next year, because we are the ones who have to do it!”