Hosting Russian Cosmonauts? Tick!

On Monday, we were privileged to host a cosmonaut, and his trainer from the Russian Federal Space Agency. Our students asked many interesting questions and they had a great discussion with our guests. Conversation topics included how much time the men had spent in space, what interesting precautions they have to make, the international variety of space food, how they grow lettuce in space, what the 10-year training program is like and how they plan for when things go wrong. The cosmonauts told a story of when Andy Thomas (Australian astronaut) went with them to the far north into freezing cold snow country and fended for themselves in order to develop survival skills.

Our guests challenged the students with some of their physically rigorous training that including fast reflex action coin-flipping and one-armed push-ups.  Of course, all of this information was translated from Russian into English by a Flinders Uni interpreter for us. ‘It was really exciting to hear their stories and see a totally different perspective on life,’ Vlad (Yr11) commented.