The ASMS has successfully sponsored a child through World Vision for 16 years. This not only shows that we care about education for all children in the world but enhances our intercultural understanding around issues that many students in the world face when they try to become educated. Learning Studies 18 and year 12 student, Anthony took things to another level recently by organising his LS class to benefit them and our sponsor girl, Lubelihle.

Anthony organised the class to pay for pizza – a bit more than the pizza actually cost – collected the pizza after helping to order it and celebrated the raising of $100 towards our sponsorship of Lubelihle. Well done on your capacity for organising, sharing, and making your graduate capabilities individual, community and global in nature. What a great way to demonstrate what it is to be an ASMS student.

On Friday 18 September, students and staff ‘Busked for a Bump’, raising money for birthing kits so that we can help disadvantaged communities deliver healthy babies! Our school has also been ‘Bidding for a Baby’! A competition where we try to guess which baby photo matches which member of the ASMS community. Thank you to all our wonderfully talented musicians who entertained us and everyone who threw a bit of money into the tin.