Students have truly been agents of their own learning this term in BiQ by opting into a particular Health Choice; Psychology, Nutrition, Physiology, or Choose Your Own Adventure.

So far, the Physiology group has had dynamic and inspiring guest speakers (Scott Lycett of Port Adelaide Power and Bridget Kuerschner of Metro Jets), and experienced the wonders found in the Flinders Anatomy Museum. This week the Nutrition group is sourcing raw, plant-based foods from the Nutrition Republic CafĂ© for the students to enjoy, accompanied by a talk on the importance of good nutrition, gut health and natural foods. Next week, the Psychology group will be experiencing either Stand-up Comedy, an Art Class or a ‘Still Effect’ wellness session as well as a Silent Disco, to uncover the mental health benefits derived by these activities.

Please ask your child about their BiQ Health Choice and all of the interesting things they are doing in their class!