As we look around us at the different colours and forms in animals and plants, at the features in our landscape, and consider the wealth of languages, building styles, religions, music, sports and art in our world, an amazing and complex diversity is clearly evident. The rich and interconnected tapestry of life on Earth will be explored through the lenses of Geology, Biology, Genetics and Ethics. Our inspiration in this central study is to find ways to enable out students to connect, respect and protect diversity.

Some important events to add to family calendars for Biodiversity –
On Friday 2 March (week 5) all Central Studies students will attend a trip to Hallett Cove Conservation Park. A letter with details, including costings, will come out to families within the next week.
Week 3 of term 2 – 14 to 18 of May – will be ‘camp week’. We are still in the early planning stages but at this stage it looks like we will run 3 week long camps, 2 overnight camps and then a number of day trips for students based as the ASMS. Stay tuned……

Kerry-ann Grace
Biodiversity Curriculum Leader