The Biodiversity teaching team at the ASMS were faced with a dilemma due to COVID19. We were forced to cancel a range of exciting opportunities for students to explore various parts of South Australia via day trips and camps. Fortunately, we are located on a campus which incorporates a range of natural and created environments that our students can explore.

With a focus on gaining the skills of ecological data collection and analysis, an ever increasing number of students are returning to school and relishing the opportunity to reconnect with their peers and to work in small groups to collect data. The students are designing their own questions and devising their research methodology with an aim of creating a small-scale ecological investigation.

This week’s lovely weather has been a bonus for getting outside and exploring different aspects of the environment. The task has been designed to allow those students still working at home to interact with others and participate as much as possible with all learning materials made accessible via the Portal and a daily ‘Roadmap’ outlining the day’s learning activities and containing links to all relevant learning materials.