ASMS graduates find success!  Adam Swallow (class of 2014) is progressing quickly with his flight training at UniSA. Through the integrated teaching of UniSA and Flight Training Adelaide, Adam has recently completed his Commercial Pilot License, and is now striving towards receiving a Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR). This training is part of his Graduate Diploma of Aviation that he studies concurrently with his Bachelor of Aviation.  Both Adam and Sebastian Walker-Magee (class of 2013) come back to the ASMS each week to help teach our current aviation students.  In the future, Adam hopes to receive employment as a commercial pilot, and one day become a captain of large airline aircraft.

One piece of advice that Adam would like to give to current ASMS students is, “Enjoy what it is that you are learning. At ASMS you have the possibility to choose your own adventure, so do it! Aviation is something I’m very passionate about, and I have learnt first-hand that learning something and understanding concepts is much easier when it is something that intrigues and excites you. You are constantly thirsty for new knowledge. For me, there is no better feeling than each day, arriving at the airport, and knowing that there is something new to learn, and a new destination I am about to visit. Having the ability to fly at University, doing something that I love, stemmed from the time that I spent at the ASMS as a student, my learning was not limited, and I was able to choose the subjects that I was interested in.”