Congratulations to the class of 2015, some of whom have done very well indeed.

Bill Voss is the 2015 DUX with a perfect ATAR score of 99.95, well done Bill, we are very proud of you. Bill was awarded merits in Specialist Mathematics and Chemistry.

Year 13 student Zahra Ataie Ashtiani also scored 99.95. Zahra was awarded merits in Chemistry and Biology which adds to her 2014 merits in Mathematical Studies and Physics.

Calvin Fancett at 99.55 and Jen Su at 99.25 also scored over 99 and was awarded a merit in Biology.

Other merits were awarded to Vedas Das (year 11) for Research Project and Dannielle Schwarz in Scientific Studies (Human Performance).

Congratulations to the 103 students who have received an ATAR. We are keen to follow their choices as they embark on their university or employment pathways.
As well we congratulate the 11 students who received their University offers earlier this term.