Artificial Body Parts at the ASMS

Last week I interviewed the ASMS robotics team. Most of my interview was spent watching the boys and girl hard at work and trying to understand the concepts behind their advanced projects. I struggled to keep up with what they were doing but I did manage to understand that one pair was aiming to make an animatronic hand. At the time they were trying to find a code in which to operate a circuit they had assembled. I was amazed at the equipment they were using in conjunction with some basic items like LED’s. By the end of my interview the pair had managed to coax the code and circuit to cooperate. We will no doubt see great things from this clever group of people.

Courtney Bronca

Innovation Inspiration

Innovation and interests are the main concepts of this particular study. The idea is to learn about programming and create a version of Flappy Bird but the way to get there is filled with learning and developing talents.

Being exciting, conceptive and suggestive are the key intentions in this course. The students are self-taught and the teachers design the concepts and help them encounter challenges.

In the span of this course, the 35 students have the opportunity to learn and work with very new and interesting technology like 3D printing, modeling software and reverse engineering.

The teachers say its “exciting to see everyone getting interested” and it will also be a very intelligent course as there are a lot of different ways and processes to reach the main goal.

Mashy and Apoorva

Prepping for Children

On Thursday morning a small group of students get educated about the little bundles of joy which are babies. Child Studies is all about being informed about babies. Budgeting strategies, health and safety of the babies are also covered in this course. In the first few weeks of Child Studies the group has learned about breast feeding, birthing, pregnancy and sleep.

Later in their experience of child studies the small group will head to the Flinders Child Care Centre to experience interactions with toddlers and babies.
Among the many girls in child studies two males doing it don’t feel out of place. One of the males is there because it’s the closest course to health and the other male was there purely for the insightful information.

Amber Dales and Caitlin McAndrew

Space Stars

At the ASMS we are allowed to experience many different activities during Adventure Space. One chosen by close to 15 students at our school is music. Over the year the students get to participate in several performances, often 2 a term. During these classes the students practice their instruments doing half theory and half practical throughout each term. All students get to enjoy each session, playing their favourite instruments with help and guidance from Chris and Ahi. The first performance for this year will be held on Thursday 20 March, 7pm – 8pm in Learning Common 3. Make sure you go and see their amazing talent.

A Quick Guide to a Happy and Organised Year 11

Hi, I hope everyone has had a smooth transition, whether it’s been coming to a new school or just adjusting to a higher year level. There has been much focus on the year 10’s settling in and adjusting to the expectations of ASMS but what about the year 11’s?

When a student transitions to year 11 it isn’t really explained that there is significantly more work and that a bigger effort needs to be put in. I myself know now that year 11 requires more preparation and organisation than year 10 did.

I have prepared a checklist for all year 11’s that are struggling with the workload:

  • Always ask your teacher for a rubric for the assignment
  • Make sure you start your assignment early because there is always extra work on top of the non-SACE task
  • Keep a planner and write all of your assignments and the due dates in it so that you will always be aware and avoid nasty surprises

I hope this check list is helpful and that you have a happy and organised 2014.

Courtney Bronca

Kathrin Boettger

Kathrin is an exchange student from Frankfurt Germany. Before coming to the ASMS she attended ‘Bad Homburg.’

She came to Australia, out of all places, because to her Australia is the most exciting and could provide her with the best experiences. When we asked her what her favorite thing about Australia was, straight away, she said the many friends she has made. The hardest thing to get used to is the roads, “Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road!” she tells us, saying she has nearly been hit a few times due to not looking the right way.

She enjoys the ASMS because it is a self-directed learning environment; however the hardest thing here has been to re-learn everything she has already learnt. Her most memorable experience was driving up to George Wildlife Park with her host family, singing loudly, music up loud and the “scenery is amazing!”

Kathrin’s aim in life is to be happy and have freedom. Her hobbies include dancing and listening to music. Kathrin has made many friends here. She might be departing at the end of this term, however when she does leave the ASMS people are sure to miss her!

Amber Dales and Caitlin McAndrew

Lewin Deville

Lewin is one of the many exchange students here at the ASMS from Germany. He journeyed all the way to Australia for the purpose of learning a new language and seeing the sights. Lewin likes to experience something new, which is one of the best things about his journey so far.

The new and different family was the hardest thing for Lewin, as well as the language barrier at school. The best thing about ASMS for him is the modern approach it takes to learning with the laptops and self-directed learning. Lewin’s most memorable experience is travelling Australia visiting places such as Sydney, Cairns and Kangaroo Island. He is not sure of his aim in life yet but takes a liking to sports.

Amber Dales and Caitlin McAndrew

Upcoming Activities

  • Monarto Camp Thursday: 13 & Friday 14 March
  • Harmony Day & National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence: Friday 21 March
  • Street Smart Event: Wednesday 26 March
  • School Holidays: Monday 14 April to Friday 25 April

Governing Council 2014

All meetings are 7-9pm in the ASMS Conference Room

  • Tuesday 18 March
  • Tuesday 13 May
  • Tuesday 17 June
  • Tuesday 5 August
  • Tuesday 9 September
  • Tuesday 28 October
  • Tuesday 2 December

Around the World and Into Space

The Australian Space Design Competition is a project mentored by both students and teachers. The 2014 group of students taught are by Nick Arman (President) and Jordan Lampard (Vice President), with the help of Penny Collins. Together they run a team of 10 students who are all aiming to reach the final competition in America. Last year’s team was successful in winning the competition that was held in Brisbane allowing them to participate in the final competition held in America later this year. The current team is mainly year ten’s who are strongly interested in the idea of Space Design.

Together Nick and Jordan guide and prompt the new students with ideas and theories to help encourage their creativity. They devise conversations and documents about space design using examples from previous years. Currently the students are preparing for the proposal to the Brisbane competition, the theme will be announced in April. These students are working hard to achieve their goal, traveling to America.

Celine Phay and Gabrielle Nielsen

My First Experience

My first day of school in Australia felt like a big change that happened too fast. My old school was a strict school that followed harsh policies to enforce their rules and the student-teacher relationship got violent sometimes, verbally violent there were rare cases where it got physically violent. I started to feel like I need a change as I noticed that such ways of education limit our mental skills as students as well as our creativity, and the search for change is what led me here.

The first impression I had when I came to this school was a really positive one, because I started to see all the things I wanted to see in a school one by one. First I was impressed by the freedom students have as they were trusted as adults caring for their own education and the student-teacher relationship was friendly beyond my expectation. What I really enjoyed was the freedom of expression we had as teachers and fellow students were willing to hear and learn about my culture and history. I also liked the way classes were organized and the design of the school. It is full of colours which actually boost my mood every morning. I’m happy to be here and I’m willing to use it as a advantage and improve my academic performance.

Fouad El-Saadi

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