Students from the ASMS have had a deep dive into the question of what killed the majority of Australia’s megafauna….was it climate change or increased predation by human hunters?  Or to put it more succinctly was it ‘chill’ or ‘kill’?  During our first visit  of the year to the main Flinders Campus students were introduced to the topic and explored how palaeontologists utilise fossils to learn about the past.  We saw specimens that were millions of years old and ranged in size from tiny rodents to bones from the giant diprotodon.  Subsequent to this visit  students had a week to research and prepare responses to questions posed by the Head of the Palaeontology Department, Professor Gavin Prideaux.  This week students returned to the Biology Discovery Centre  to workshop with staff and PhD students from the Palaeontology Department, discussing their research findings and having the ability to question the experts on the topic.