Adelaide’s not the only place to get heavy rain this week!

Several of our students are currently on excursions to Olympic Damn, the South-East, and the Flinders Ranges. With the storms and heavy rains, there have been a few unexpected road closures and cancelled activities, but they’re soldiering on!

From the Olympic Dam Camp:

“This is why we could not camp at Arid Recovery which is 15 km up this track! Plan B has been one of the old Olympic Dam Camps – Camp 4 has been our home for the past three days! Another storm on its way.” – Bronte


From the South East:

“Off to Mount Gambia Gaol now, Port Macdonnell and Adventure Caving done. We missed most of the rain here!” – Charlotte


From the Flinders Camp:

No words, just happy students and grey skies!