We have over 1000 alumni at the ASMS and welcome their continued involvement in a range of school activities.

At the ASMS, alumni are often engaging and supporting the school in programs and events that provide invaluable guidance to the current student group. We hold our alumni in high regard, and value their continued input into the school community. Our alumni also benefit from the ASMS networks and connections made during their studies. 

Comments from Past Alumni

“The school culture is helpful for those going into a university environment… there are also many similarities that make the transition easier. The key thing that is the same in both places though is that the onus is on the student to do the right thing. I didn’t know what I really wanted to do when I started at ASMS, but working with some people from Flinders… gave me some role models that did something interesting that I could see myself doing.

The student-teacher relationship at ASMS, where teachers are less like people to be worshipped and more like peers was a great thing. As a student, it felt like I had allies in the battle against year 12. And whether or not a student ends up in tertiary education, the ASMS provides a very interesting and enjoyable place to finish high school. Most of my friends at uni complain about their time at high school and wish they’d had a different experience. Especially when they hear about what they missed out on by not being at ASMS!”

– Hugh Considine, ASMS Alumni

Alumni Opportunities Information

Have you thought about supporting the school by participating in Open Nights?

You could help out by talking to prospective parents and students, giving them a different perspective on why this might be the right school for them. Your input would be invaluable, as you are able to provide advice from a completely different angle than teachers or current students can.

Activities Day is always a highlight of the ASMS Calendar and we always need extra help. You can not only help out on the day, you can even compete as a “category” in staff/student/alumni events!

At the ASMS, we aim to provide our students with authentic experiences to become confident communicators of science and maths through a variety of opportunities. If you could come along as a critical friend for our Display Expos, International Science Fair, Student Investigation Project or Research Project, you would provide fantastic support for our students, and keep up with the changes we are making to our ever-evolving learning programs.

We are always on the lookout for a good guest speaker, and who better than one who has ‘been there’ for our students? Year 12 Seminar Day, Graduation Evening, course-specific talks, inspirational talks, career advice. We even have guest speaker spots at staff Happy Hours some Fridays and we would love you to come along and share what you are doing.

Our students, like our alumni, are curious and want to experience different opportunities when deciding what areas to pursue in their future. We are always searching for opportunities that support our students to be immersed in the ‘world of work’ and who better than alumni who have ‘been there, done that’ in making their career choices?

Keen to ‘give back’? We have a number of opportunities where you could provide mentoring for current and future students of the ASMS. This could be a direct mentoring relationship, participating in Leadership Camps or even working with students on research programs they are undertaking.

The ASMS was founded in 2003, and now has alumni who want to catch up with old faces and meet new. If you are keen, then register for this.

Events exclusively for alumni require organising, and we need people to volunteer to do this. If working with like-minded people sounds like fun to you, then please consider joining our ‘organising events’ list.