David McAfee (class of 2014) is currently in his third year of the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) program at the University of Adelaide working towards a major in physics. Over the last two years, he has won three awards for academic achievement. On Tuesday afternoons, he provides physics, chemistry and mathematics support to students of the ASMS. He also helps provide extension for central studies students who want to extend their knowledge in physics and mathematics by introducing them to quantum mechanics, differential equations and multivariable calculus.

David also volunteers for the RiAus – an Australian not-for-profit organisation who promote public awareness on scientific issues. In this role, he has authored seven blog articles so far covering topics such as meteorology and mid infrared lasers. He also is currently serving as a peer mentor at the University of Adelaide to help first year science students adapt to university.

One piece of advice that David would like to give to current ASMS students is, “to always challenge yourselves throughout your secondary and tertiary education. I suggest that you self-test as you learn new concepts to make deep and meaningful connections”.