We are so proud of the students who represented our school at the ‘Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: The Future of Work’ event. They contributed to the panel, raised valuable questions and were addressed directly by industry representatives to further discuss their viewpoints on the topic of ‘Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI)’. We sat at the table with the least people, but our students were the most active participants, networking and asking the difficult questions with enthusiasm. – Feresh Agahi Pizarro, Teacher

“Just because we can’t predict the future it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared.” – quote of the night. It was very interesting to see the different viewpoints and perspectives of various spokespeople, representing different stakeholders in AI. The main topic of discussion was ‘Jobs and Tasks’, so there were representatives from local established and start-up businesses. It was great to see different organisations (one of the panellists was representing a union) discussing such an important and timely topic. – Ben Viney, Year 12 Student