It seems there’s an app for everything. But with Internet of Things (IoT), interconnectivity is about to explode across a new realm of everyday devices.

Described as the reinvention of the internet to an unprecedented level, a recent report, there will be 35-50 billion connected devices (not smartphones and laptops) by 2020.

IoT will transform our lives and our economy – US $4-11 trillion per year to be exact. From wearable technology like Google (and more recently, Snapchat) glasses to Uber’s autonomous cars, IoT can benefit everyone, especially businesses.

IoT is going to be like the internet’s impact all over again, but much bigger. This is cars constantly talking to global servers about analysis on everything including who’s driving. White goods knowing what you have/want/need in your fridge… and ordering online.

Internet-connectivity going 360°-real-time-24/7 – everywhere. And experts believe Australia could become the global leader of IoT for key industries, due to our current position in those spaces – R&D got a particular mention.

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