ASMS students have a beautifully diverse range of talents! Vianne Reyes has recently been accepted into the Class of Cabaret! This is a group of Year 11/12 students chosen to be mentored in the art of cabaret to prepare them for the annual Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Around 60 students auditioned with a video and/or participated in a live audition to make it into the final group of 24 students. Vianne (year 12) says, “It is a hobby, as I have always loved music. It’s great because it gives me an opportunity to develop my musical skills in a way where I am able to have fun, make friends and be mentored by world class musicians, an opportunity which I don’t always have at the ASMS. The best part about the orientation day was being able to attend a masterclass by Sven Ratzke a cabaret artist who was here for the Fringe Festival. He showed examples of how to share a story through song, whilst making it his own. It is definitely a rare opportunity which should be taken by someone who loves music and is willing to tell a story through it.” We are so proud of you Vianne, well done!