There are three certain things in life — according to Yellow Colour Leader Tim Cook: death, taxes, and Gold (as they refer to themselves) emerging triumphant on Activities Day. At least, that’s what he’d like you to believe.

On Thursday, February 20th, the sun rose on a blissful late summer day on Flinders Drive. The weather was an absolute gift; students gathered under their colour tents and DJ Marcus got the day underway. 

Learning Studies rivalries were formed and settled during the team events, which included sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Petanque. Runners took their marks, got set and flashed past the tribal crowd of colourful students. But one particular highlight of the day was the 400-metre participation run, which saw an almost whole school turnout — running or walking around the track with a festival-like atmosphere. 

As the team events drew to a close, the 400 strong student superstars began to find their voice underneath their colour tents. The 100m finals were tightly contested affairs, with the 4 x100m relays even tighter — nearly as tight as Alex Rendoulis’ hamstring after running for the staff team. The crowd began to whoop and holler, and DJ Marcus brought out his A-material — resulting in an inter-colour rendition of the YMCA.

The sun got dazzlingly brighter towards the conclusion of the day and shone upon the novelty events — namely, the sack race and the tug of war. Student engagement during these events was at an all-time high, which was possibly due to the catered lunch, yet likely a result of palpable colour passion. 

As the results were announced, a certain air of familiarity emanated around the Flinders Oval. The smell of smugness began to waft across the tents — and it was indeed Yellow who remained the standard. Tim was right, somehow, again?

However, despite his best efforts, wide grins persisted on the student crowd’s faces. And the sun went down on another glorious day — filled with joy, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.