An innovative summer school program of science and technology identifies its 2013 cohort of talented Aboriginal students

In December 2013, twenty Indigenous students from around Australia will come together in Adelaide to participate in the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science. (ASSETS). The students come from the far north Queensland, to Melbourne to Kununurra and Perth and everywhere in between.

Katie Morrison currently attending the Australian Science and Mathematics School has earned the opportunity to attend this innovative, fully-funded summer school program.

ASSETS provides a unique, academic and culturally enriching experience for a group of students every year with this year’s challenging academic program to be delivered at the Australian Science and Mathematics School and the University of South Australia’s Mawson Lakes Campus.

Students will explore cutting-edge science through investigations into building design to utilize passive energy sources, and will delve into contemporary biological research with investigations in cell and molecular biology. The curriculum involves problem based learning with experts in various fields and collaborative research.  Students will share their findings through technology focused presentations to their peers, teachers and visiting dignitaries.

The program also has a cultural component, where students interact with traditional elders and role models to enhance cultural understandings, stimulate personal growth and develop the leadership capabilities of these Indigenous young people. Professor Peter Buckskin, Patron of ASSETS and an eminent, nationally-respected Indigenous Academic and Educational Leader at the University of South Australia leads this part of the summer school program.

ASSETS is a program of the Principals Australia Institute and partners University of South Australia, the Australian Science and Mathematics School and Flinders University. ASSETS is also supported by Santos, the Royal Institution of Australia Incorporated and the Australian Government. The aim of ASSETS is to encourage and support talented young Indigenous people to pursue further study in science and technology.

“ASSETS gives these students a unique opportunity to engage in cutting edge science and to challenge their perceptions of opportunities in the future.” said Ian Maynard, ASSETS Program Director and Science Educator.