One of the most daunting but rewarding aspects of studying to be teachers are our final placements. We feel so privileged to be working in such a strong community of learners and educators who have banded together during this extraordinary time and want to take this opportunity to contribute meaningfully to what this ASMS community stands for. We are a collection of pre-service teachers who are involved with the school this year and will share with you now a few snippets into who we are. We hope you enjoy!

Angus Weller
My ‘dream job’ all the way back in Year 7 was to be a secondary school teacher and that dream has been developed since from my learning at school, and extensive involvement with Youth Groups. Through my study at The University of Adelaide I finished a major in both Physics and in Applied Mathematics, and now in my final year of placement I have the privilege of working at the ASMS. My main Central Study involvement is in Order from Chaos with Andy Stone, and in Year 12 Specialist Methods with Amanda Brook. Emily Byrne also supports me through Learning Studies Group 07!

Thomas Jaeschke
While studying Molecular Bioscience at Flinders Uni, I found that I could combine my passion for science with the joy I found working with young people when teaching guitar and swimming and while helping run youth camps. I feel so privileged to be at the ASMS, participating in such a positive and exciting learning community and environment. Throughout the year, I will be working with Cat Stone’s Year 12 Biology Class and the Lisa Pope’s Biodiversity Central Studies Team.

Stephanie Freeman
Hi everyone, I’m Steph & I am really excited to be completing my final year placement at the ASMS this term! After teaching dance from the age of 16 and completing a range of dance-related study, I was inspired to return to Flinders University and complete my Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching specialising in English and History. During my time at the ASMS, I will be working with Jesse Atkinson in his Order from Chaos and Year 12 English Literary Studies classes!

Nikki Asikas
Hello to all the friendly faces at ASMS, my name is Nikki. My interest in finding out how things work first lead me to my subject specialties, Biology and Psychology in my Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. Encouraging new learning and critical thinking drives my passion for educating young learners and I feel blessed with the opportunity to complete my final year practicum of my Master of Teaching degree at the ASMS. I am excited to continue learning sound teaching practices from being a part of classes with Alicia Coleman (Stage 2 Psychology), Lisa Pope (Biodiversity) and Sowmya Roy (Stage 2 Biology).

Damien Lynch
My name is Damien Lynch, I’m a pre-service teacher from Adelaide University majoring in Applied Mathematics and minoring in Chinese. I want to be a teacher because I love learning and using mathematics to solve real-world problems. I am helping Michael Kegel in teaching Year 12 Specialist Methods Mathematics and Year 10/11 Order from Chaos.

James Malone
Hello everyone at the ASMS! I’m James and I’ll be joining Sophie, Jules, Kay, Glenys and Savin in teaching maths, physics and biodiversity for the next 6 weeks. I’m a current science student at Flinders, but I’m also a former student of the ASMS. I loved my time here as a student and am excited to teach alongside many of the teachers who inspired me to choose this profession. The ASMS taught me to be a self-directed learner and I’m keen to guide the next generation of ASMS students! I’ve been making some resources including videos and scaffolds, and will be teaching in the classroom more over the coming weeks.