It is a pleasure to extend an invitation to you to attend our ‘3Ds Expo’

What is 3Ds?

The world is changing, with rapidly emerging opportunities for innovation!

At the Australian Science and Mathematics School, we’re constantly trying new ways of adapting our curriculum to the 21st century. One of our Interdisciplinary learning programs is called ‘Dream, Design, Develop’ (3Ds), this central study integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with an emphasis on ‘Entrepreneurship’. With rapidly emerging technologies, opportunities for innovation are abundant, and this subject enables our students to gain and practice the 21st century skills necessary to innovate. Through this program, students were encouraged to explore the ‘Big World Problems of Our Age’, and were introduced to design thinking and ‘idea generation methods’ for designing solutions. Four months later, some are working on addressing sustainability problems through their designs, while others are solving small design problems that affect everyday life.

This exhibition showcases all our Year 10-11 student’s learning journey through 3Ds

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Thursday 31 May 9-10am and/or Tuesday 5 June 11-12pm


Australian Science and Mathematics School, Carpark 18, Flinders University, Bedford Park, South Australia, 5042, Australia

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