In Sustainable Futures, we walk the talk!

In our current unit ‘World Without Water’ students got hands-on experience with building low cost/low-tech water filters from commonly available and ‘waste’ materials –  plastic soft drink bottles, sand, gravel and charcoal.  In line with the principles of ‘3-Cycling’ -where every item we use must serve at least 3 purposes before being recycled – we repurposed all of the materials to support our Community Garden projects.

  • Plastic drink bottles became mini greenhouses – we are using these to kick-start our Giant Sunflowers, which we will grow in the garden and then bring into the school to bring beauty into our learning spaces.
  • Gravels become drainage for self-watering garden beds – more about this is a future story! 
  • Sands were recycled through the garden as soil conditioners.

Students were excited about using their Critical and Creative Thinking skills to come up with ways to reuse and ‘up-cycle’ their projects through the Garden.

 As we say in the Garden – ‘It’s only waste when it goes to Landfill!’