ASMS is the first school in Australia to partner with leading international workforce planning and development company Workforce BluePrint who forecast out workforce requirements 3, 5, 10 and 15 years into the future.

Workforce BluePrint builds workforce plans for enterprises, industry sectors, regions and governments in Australia and overseas tapping into a global evidence base on how careers, jobs and work is changing.

The aims of this program is for participants to be:

  • future job ready when graduating school or university out to 2023
  • motivated and inspired about future possibilities and opportunities including entrepreneurship
  • desirable, highly sought after employees with transformational knowledge and understanding of future employer and workforce requirements
  • able to adapt as jobs and careers continue to change enabled by 21st Century capabilities

There are a number of components to the program including open nights, staff professional development, expos and events, parent and student nights, Real Day Outs, cutting edge content for lessons, email communication and social media posts.

On student engagement, there is a reference group that is helping to inform the activities, technologies and learning methodologies for the program taking a co-design approach.  Managing the student interface is Jessica from Career BluePrint an award winning young entrepreneur.