On Friday 28 of June, six of our students (Abi-Thornton Parry, Amelia Evans, Vanessa Kamiko, Kale Ivett, Vasil Samardzhiev and Rosey Edwards), all passionate about the impact of poverty on children and young people, attended the 2019 Poverty Summit held at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Helen Connolly the SA Commissioner for Children and Young People decided to hold this Poverty Summit in response to young people she speaks with overwhelmingly stating they want their voices heard about issues that affect them. She spoke about the importance of youth, their fresh ideas, new perspectives and disruptive thinking to enact change.

The purpose of the Poverty Summit was to use youth perspective, voice, opinion and ideas to address poverty in our community. Using the sustainable development goals as a framework, students listened to keynote speakers and speaker panels. They also participated in a number of workshops aimed at identifying key issues that impact young people living in poverty and working with individuals from other schools to develop solutions to these issues. These students developed recommendations will be included by Helen in her annual report to parliament.

The issues around poverty are complex and overwhelming, however the passion and interest with which the students tackled these problems was inspiring. They should be very proud of their contributions.