The emerging jobs & what we know about them

The list of opportunities in IoT is growing by the day, as new technical breakthroughs appear. Here are a few of the IoT jobs of today: Business Intelligence Specialists with skills in sensor [...]

IoT reduces costs & improves efficiencies

Two in three Australian companies embracing IoT have improved their bottom line by 28%. A wide range of industries are already embracing it, including across finance, agriculture, healthcare, [...]

Adelaide becomes first Internet of Things (IoT) region in Southern Hemisphere

It seems there’s an app for everything. But with Internet of Things (IoT), interconnectivity is about to explode across a new realm of everyday devices. Described as the reinvention of the [...]

Workforce BluePrint upcoming events and useful links

Upcoming events Events related to capabilities, careers, entrepreneurship and future jobs that you may be interested in attending include: These event aren’t endorsed but represent a collection [...]