The fifth Annual Chocolate Eating Competition was scheduled on Thursday 2 August.
There were 10 hearty souls who sacrificed themselves for the glory of taking home first prize ASMS Chocolate Eating Champion!


Results were


1st           Paddy Meyer                     200gm   3min                     2X200gm             5.37mins

2nd          Thomas Goodwin             350gm   6.07mins

3rd          Luca Crepas                       350gm   10.01mins –        International Student

4th          Lorenzo Consonni            350gm   11.35mins –        International Student


2nd          Art Hussnain       200gm   3.14mins

3rd          James Lawther   200gm   4.08mins

4th          Ben Viney            200gm  5.22mins

5th          Fin Taylor            200gm   7.39mins

6th          LeonBishop         200gm   7.49mins

7th          Rosie Edwards    200gm   7.55 nearly finished